About Our Church

Our desire is that all feel welcome not only by the church but by our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Our Mission & Vision

Our vision and mission is to help connect people to faith

The Christian Lighthouse Church seeks to bring a spiritually impactful experience through worship and the Word. Our desire is that all feel welcome not only by the church but by our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We strive to be the best representatives in the principles of righteousness and holiness. The leadership teaches and practices holiness and righteousness inside and out as directed and dictated by the Word of God. With that said, everyone has the right and freedom to live for God as they so choose and therefore the Christian Lighthouse Church does not judge or demean anyone for their lifestyle.

What to expect

From the moment you enter the parking lot to being able to pick your own seat that is open, every guest feels invited and know they are at the right place. We usually start our services off with worship, making a joyful noise that includes today’s and yesterday’s God-centered music. Our worship services are power packed with music that will give all a desire to praise the Name of Jesus with all of their heart, mind, and soul. The message is then brought forth for all ages with adults in the sanctuary and classes appropriated for age groups starting at the age of two. All spoken word is backed by the Holy Bible with nothing left to guess or opinion. The Word is impactful and inspiring, causing individuals to be better and greater in their life, family, home, and workplace. King James is the preferred version used and put on a large centered screen. Please feel free to bring the version that is easiest for you to read. If you have questions with what is spoken, the pastors are always available to discuss and research with each individual.

Our goals

The goal of the Christian Lighthouse Church is that everyone who walks through the doors not only believe in the power and love of Jesus but that they also receive it and use it towards their maturity and walk with God.

We believe

that the Name of Jesus has great authority and power

We believe

He still answers our prayers with the calling upon His Name by healing, delivering, and restoring through faith and action. Many who were alcoholics, drug addicts, suicidal, had cancer, broken bones, and other ailments were delivered and healed by calling upon the Name of Jesus