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Step into a community where warmth, faith, and purpose converge—welcome to Christian Lighthouse, where the invitation extends beyond the pews. We wholeheartedly welcome you to join hands, hearts, and talents with us by becoming an integral part of our dedicated teams. At Christian Lighthouse, we believe that active involvement within the church is not just a commitment but a journey towards personal growth, spiritual fulfillment, and a shared sense of purpose. As we open our doors and hearts to you, we encourage you to explore the myriad opportunities to contribute, connect, and make a meaningful impact within our church family. Join a team, let your light shine, and be a vital part of the transformative journey that is Christian Lighthouse.

Our Teams

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Outreach Team

Discover the power of compassion and community through Christian Lighthouse’s Outreach Team. Committed to extending love beyond our church walls, this dynamic team embodies the spirit of service and outreach. Whether it’s lending a helping hand to those in need, organizing community events, or spreading the message of hope, our Outreach Team is the heartbeat of compassion in action. Join us as we make a tangible difference, one act of kindness at a time, and illuminate the path of love in the lives of others. Together, let’s embody the true essence of Christian fellowship by reaching out and touching hearts.

Music Team

Experience the joy of worship and harmony by joining the Music Team at Christian Lighthouse. Our team is not just about playing instruments or singing; it’s about creating an atmosphere where hearts are lifted, souls are stirred, and the presence of God is felt.

Sound Team

Behind every powerful worship experience is the unseen but essential work of the Sound Team at Christian Lighthouse. Join us in the technical realm where audio expertise meets the divine, ensuring that every word, every note, and every moment is heard with clarity and impact. No prior experience is necessary—just a passion for precision and a heart for enhancing the worship journey for others. Become a crucial part of the behind-the-scenes magic that transforms sound into an immersive encounter with the divine. Join the Sound Team and help amplify the spirit of worship at Christian Lighthouse.

Media Team

Elevate the worship experience and connect our community through the dynamic Media Team at Christian Lighthouse. From live streaming, to displaying lyrics on projectors that guide our congregation in song, and crafting engaging graphics for social media, our team is at the forefront of creating a digital sanctuary. No matter your skill level, if you have a passion for technology, design, or social connectivity, there’s a place for you here. Join the Media Team and be a part of shaping the online and on-site experience that spreads the message of faith and community far and wide.

Youth Group

Calling all vibrant spirits aged 12 and above to join the excitement at our Youth Group, a gathering that sparks fellowship, fun, and faith! Happening most Fridays at 7:30 pm, our Youth Group is the place to be for dynamic discussions, uplifting activities, and a chance to build lasting friendships. It’s not just an event; it’s a space where young hearts connect, grow in their faith journey, and create memories that last a lifetime. Join us this Friday at 7:30 pm – the Youth Group awaits your energy, enthusiasm, and the unique spark that only you can bring!

Children Ministry

Discover the joy of making a lasting impact by volunteering in our Children’s Ministry, where every smile, every question, and every little heart matters. Join us on Sundays as we create a nurturing environment for the youngest members of our community to learn, grow, and build a foundation of faith. Your time and care can make a world of difference in shaping their spiritual journey. Come be a guiding light in our Sunday School – where love, laughter, and learning come together in a delightful mix of discovery and joy. Your helping hands can leave an everlasting imprint on these young hearts.

Women's Ministry

Embrace the warmth of sisterhood at our Women’s Ministry, where bonds are strengthened, hearts are uplifted, and laughter is shared. Join us for frequent Women Luncheons, where stories are exchanged, friendships blossom, and a sense of community flourishes. It’s a time to celebrate the unique strength that each woman brings to the table. Whether you’re seeking support, connection, or simply a moment of respite, our Women’s Ministry is a place where you belong. Come, be a part of a community that values and empowers every woman’s journey. Together, we thrive, we inspire, and we make moments that matter.

Usher Team

Become a vital part of our worship experience by joining the Usher Team at Christian Lighthouse. As an usher, you’ll play a key role in creating a welcoming atmosphere, guiding attendees to their seats, and facilitating the offering collection. Your friendly presence ensures that everyone feels at home from the moment they step through our doors. No task is too small when it comes to serving with a smile. Join the Usher Team and be the friendly face that helps make every worship service a seamless and enriching experience for all. Your commitment makes a difference, one welcoming gesture at a time.

Greeting Team

Extend a warm welcome to all who enter Christian Lighthouse by joining our Greeting Team. As a vital part of our hospitality crew, you’ll be the first smiling face that sets the tone for a positive and inviting atmosphere. Your role is simple yet impactful – greet newcomers, offer a friendly handshake, and make everyone feel genuinely appreciated. Whether you’re an extrovert or simply love spreading joy, the Greeting Team is the perfect place to showcase your welcoming spirit. Join us in creating a church family where hospitality is a cherished value, and every individual feels valued and embraced. Your warmth can turn a visit into a cherished connection. Come, be part of the team that embodies the spirit of Christian love and fellowship.