Reopening Church

Our procedure to have live church and protecting our people


For those who want to attend live services, we will start Sunday, May 10th on a limited basis. Only those who can adhere to the below rules can enter the building. We will schedule up to 80 individuals at a time to participate. You must register through the form below in order to get scheduled. We will sit families together but separated from others by 6-8 ft minimum.


1) No one 65 or older, or who have underlying preconditions may enter the building. You are welcome to stay in your car at church and watch services through your device no matter your age or health.

2) Everyone must wear a mask/face covering that covers both nose and mouth at all times and before going through the front door, including those in the sound booth. *speakers, singers, and musicians are exempt while on the platform.

3)BEFORE WALKING THROUGH OPEN FRONT DOORS: Have temp checked by a no-contact thermometer. After walking through the open doors, hands must be cleansed by a non-contact Purell machine.  All doors will be open and nothing should be touched. Chairs will be Lysol before and after by those assigned to them.

4) Those who are attending in-person services are asked to park on the side and rear parking so others who are in their cars can say hello with their windows closed. Please keep your mask on as we know accidents may happen.

5) No classes for kids as only the sanctuary and foyer can be entered. Ushers will seat all families. Outside restrooms will be provided during service with Lysol spray within. Inside rest rooms are not open

6) Only enter the foyer and sanctuary. Don’t loiter in foyer. ALL OTHER ROOMS ARE PROHIBITED!

7) Singers and musicians will keep same distancing practices and are exempt from wearing a mask. *speakers, singers, and musicians are exempt only while on the platform.

8) Even with all these rules in place, everyone who attends inside the building, outside the building, and/or in car on the Apostolic Christian Lighthouse Church property does so at their own risk and at their own free will.

Registration Form

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